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Three groups of audiovisual pieces against gender violence, produced in Argentina, went viral in the last weeks of the year and reaped successes in countries on three continents, highlighted the United Nations (UN).

These are “Friend, realize”, “I take care” and “Without backpacks”, mini-campaigns designed by Spotlight, an initiative of the European Union (EU) and the (UN) to promote the construction of societies that respect and empower women while preserving their physical and mental health, as well as that of girls.

The first of these campaigns, “Amigo notice,” was aimed at adolescent males between the ages of 12 and 17, encouraging the promotion of healthy masculinities, free from prejudice and distancing themselves from machismo as a culture of violence and discrimination.

Its two videos and five tutorials also sought to break with male complicity within groups of boys, providing tools to handle issues of harassment, consensus in sexual relationships and participation of men in household and care tasks.

“Friend, realize” was trending on Twitter on the day of its launch, October 12.

In Argentina, the Permanent Household Survey highlights that, while women dedicate 6.4 hours a day to housework, men only do 3.4 hours. To this must be added that 84 percent of single-parent households are headed by women, which further reinforces this overload.

This is where “Yo me occupy” entered, a series of videos and pieces for social networks that appeals to daily scenes approached from humor, in order to reflect how naturalized it is in society that household and care tasks are the responsibility of women .

The video with the idea that “being a helper is not enough, waiting to be asked either” became one of the most viewed in Argentina and was replicated in the media in Spain, the United States, France, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Turkey and Uruguay.

In the campaign “Without backpacks”, created with various graphic and audiovisual materials, the main spot called “Sueños” shows several young people writing a letter to their parents asking them to accompany them to grow in a more free and egalitarian way. .

The objective is to take off the backpack that societies carry, many times full of prejudices and intolerance, and highlight the role of adults to educate new generations in a more inclusive and respectful way, the report indicated.

In particular, that those who are of growing age are aware of the seriousness that violence against women, girls and the LGBTIQ + population implies.

The UN in Argentina commented that “boys and girls grow up in a sexist and unequal culture under mandates that we charge them without letting them choose. For this reason, taking off the backpack of machismo is taking a step towards a life free of violence and inequality ”.

The Spotlight initiative (spotlight, reflector) took that name to remember that violence is often sheltered in the dark. It invests in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, with a multi-year fund of $ 610 million provided by the EU. Art as a tool for equality.

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