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Arsenal vs Barcelona and Atlético vs Inter Milan: Champions League Round of 16 Matches to Watch this Week

This week the Champions League round of 16 will continue and, after the vibrant qualifications of Manchester City and Real Madrid, it will now be the turn of Arsenal and Barcelona this Tuesday from 3:00 in the afternoon.

Both squads will seek not to be forgotten this season and continue advancing to the next round to dream – why not? – of a hypothetical final. However, in front they will have rivals willing to take everything from them.

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The Gunners will have to measure their strength against the always feared Porto, who surprised them in the first leg by beating them 1-0. This time, those led by Mikel Arteta swear that they will translate their overwhelming possession of almost 70% into a goal.

Xavi Hernández’s men will try something similar, but with the advantage of having drawn 1-1 in the first duel against the current Italian Serie A champion. The Blaugranas want to be relevant again in Europe and the Azurri want to make history.

Already on Wednesday the 13th, also at 3:00 in the afternoon, Atlético de Madrid vs. Inter Milan and Borussia Dortmund vs. PSV Eindhoven promise the same or even more excitement than the matches of the previous day.

If on Tuesday we will have duels in which the tiki taka style and the forms “beat” the results, this Wednesday it will be quite the opposite. The rhythm and intensity of the four teams promise to keep us vibrating with every ball and every goal.

First, ‘Aleti’ will have to face off with ‘Bienamada’ to take away the 0-1 advantage they achieved in the first leg. To do this, Diego Simeone’s men will place all their hopes and energy in their goalscorer Diego Morata.

And finally, Jürgen Klopp’s former team will have to receive Jefferson Farfán’s former team, Romário and Ronaldo to find out who will advance to the quarterfinals. For the bookmakers, the Germans’ victory is the right move.

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