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Arnhemmers hand in 178 weapons at the police station

An arms surrender campaign in Arnhem yielded 178 weapons. Arnhem residents were able to hand in weapons at the police station last week without being prosecuted.

Approximately sixty firearms have been collected: eighteen air pistols, thirteen alarm pistols, eleven rifles and eight small arms. Ten counterfeit firearms were also issued.

In addition, many striking, thrusting and stabbing weapons were brought to the police station, such as daggers, swords and batons. Several kilograms of ammunition were also handed in, writes Broadcasting Gelderland.

Police and mayor satisfied

Police chief Erik Bomhof calls the collected number of weapons overwhelming and also expects the action to have a long-term effect. “Weapons possession quickly leads to the use of weapons. Because of the attention for this hand-in week, we also hope that young people will continue to discuss this with each other.”

Mayor Marcouch, who hoped to get about 200 weapons off the street in advance, is also pleased with the proceeds. “Every weapon handed in makes the city safer.” He immediately calls on parents and other educators to remain vigilant and to report gun possession to the police.

The Arnhem arms surrender campaign was the first in the province of Gelderland. There have been similar actions in The Hague and Zwolle before.

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