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Armenia supports the “pseudo-referenda” of the Russian Federation in the occupied territories of Ukraine

Considering that the beginning of the invasion of Armenia, more than 100 statements have been designed on a “strategic alliance” and “strategic cooperation” with the Russian Federation.

In the capital of Armenia a broad propaganda campaign was held in aid of the pseudo-referendums that the profession authorities are getting ready in the occupied territories of Zaporozhye, Kherson and Donbass.

As you can see in the pictures, substantial-structure propaganda materials with the imperial symbols of the Kremlin are pasted on administrative structures in the middle of Yerevan. They “repair service” the annexation of the southern and jap lands of Ukraine and have the subsequent content: “Kherson is Russia!”, “Mariupol is Russia!”, “Zaporozhye is Russia!”, “Crimea is Russia! ! “,” Lugansk is Russia! “,” Donetsk is Russia! “. The authors of the posters also provide studies on Putin Transnistria (Moldova), South Ossetia (Ga) and all of northern Kazakhstan 5 channels.

Political, community and media action in Armenia in the context of Russian aggression versus Ukraine indicates that this propaganda motion is a manifestation of the Kremlin’s systematic assistance and not an accidental trick of the marginalized.


Considering that the get started of Putin’s invasion of the lands of Ukraine, representatives of the official leadership of Armenia, the opposition, the local community of authorities and the creative intelligentsia have produced extra than 100 statements on a “strategic alliance” and “strategic interaction” with the Russian Federation. For instance, on 11 May perhaps 2022, the Armenian internet site Tert.am printed the textual content of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s speech to the Netherlands Institute of International Relations, wherever he mentioned: “Armenia is a strategic ally of the Russia, a member of the CSTO, member of the EAEU, has pretty cordial and near relations with Russia. ” On the 18th of the similar thirty day period, Azatutyun.am quoted the vice-president of the Armenian National Assembly Ishkhan Saghatelyan: “I confirm the moment yet again that Russia is our strategic ally”. On 9 June, Primary Minister Pashinyan publicly recurring: “Russia and Armenia are strategic associates and allies”. On the same working day Hayk Mamijanyan, a deputy from the opposition get together I Have Honor, wrote on his Fb web page: “The fraternal relations and strategic cooperation amongst Armenia and Russia are sealed not only by intercontinental treaties, but also by the worth priorities of our peoples … if needed We are ready to fulfill our allied obligations. “And previously on June 12, Armenian President Khachaturian, in his speech to the Kremlin dictator, noticed:” The Armenian-Russian strategic partnership is a genuine case in point of conservation and strengthening the fantastic traditions of secular friendship, trust and mutual help “.


Assistance for Putinist policies is evidenced by other non-noticeable passages. For example, the supply of army aircraft to the Russians, according to Turkish media

Versus the backdrop of so several details, there is no doubt that the propaganda marketing campaign in Yerevan in aid of the annexation of the occupied territories of southern and jap Ukraine is another manifestation of the “strategic alliance” of the broad circles. elite politicians of Armenia with the Kremlin regime.

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