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Armand Duplantis’ Mother Refused to Watch His Training as a Child: Reveals Son’s Childhood Temperament and Impressive Speed

For the observant, it was clearly something different when Armand Duplantis did his last competition before the Indoor WC in Glasgow. At Renaud Lavillenie’s pole vault gala in Clermont-Ferrand, France, girlfriend Desiré Inglander stood and filmed his jump. Usually, it’s his coaching duo, dad Greg and mom Helena, who have that assignment.

They were not in France, where Duplantis came extremely close to setting a new world record after three good attempts at 6.24, but they are both scheduled to be in Glasgow during the WC.

Both parents have been Duplanti’s coaches for as long as he has been known to the general athletics public, but at first only father Greg was responsible for his training.

– Mother wasn’t that involved in the beginning, but she came in when I started physical training for real. Until I was 14-15 I didn’t train like that. So it was mostly me and dad in the beginning, it was when I started high school that they became a coaching duo, says Armand Duplantis in Youtubeprogrammet Real talk with Tee.

Mondo reveals: “Mum refused to watch my training as a child”

In the same program, Duplantis reveals that mother Helena actually didn’t even want to watch when he practiced jumping at home in the garden.

– She thought I was too much of a lunatic. That I got way too angry and swore too much, so she didn’t like to watch.

Something that is confirmed by mother Helena herself.

– He did it, he behaved like a madman. He threw stuff and was pissed. I thought: “How can you behave like this when you are only four and a half years old?”, she says, smiling.

– Then it only got worse after that.

Helena Duplantis says that she could go and watch competitions, because there her future world star son behaved in a different way.

– Thank goodness he was only doing that during training. Then… now he has matured and grown out of that, so now it’s better.

The experts react to Duplanti’s high speed

Since Helena Duplantis came into the picture, she has taken care of the physical training while Greg focused on the technical part. Armand Duplantis has both parts, but right now it’s the physique that impresses the athletics experts the most.

SVT’s expert commentator Alhaji Jeng said in the broadcast from the pole vaulting event in France that Duplantis came up to speeds he “never seen before”.

Body trainer Helena Duplantis states bluntly:

– He is very fast right now.

Is there anything special you did in training to achieve that?

– No not really. We only practice and the focus has always been on running and having high speed on the approach track.

On Sunday, Armand Duplantis competes at the Indoor WC in Glasgow, but the competitions from the Scottish host city already start on Friday morning.

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