Arjen Lubach moves Jinek viewers with an ode to girlfriend

Arjen has been working hard on his new book for the past two years Jammer. In this book he announced that he would stop with the popular program Sunday with Lubach, but left in the middle whether the next season will also be the last. Still, Eva decided to read a passage especially devoted to his girlfriend, Martine. In it he describes, among other things, his love for her, which you can see below.

When she then asks Arjen what Martine thought of this tribute, he says: “I think it’s nice. The book is dedicated to her too. I think she was moved.” Eva especially liked the passage and that was what it meant, according to Arjen.

That the passage is touching is evident from the reactions of Eva and Suzanne Schulting, who was also a guest on the talk show. “I was really hit”, the short track star confirms. The comedian also shared the fragment in question on his Instagram account and can count on a lot of loving reactions. ‘A shy Arjen, sweet’ and ‘You get cute when you talk about her’, you can read among others.

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