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Aristocrat Ira de Fürstenberg Dies at 83: Mystery Surrounds His Death and Family Tragedy

The aristocrat Ira de Fürstenberg has died at the age of 83 in Rome, his hometown. The causes of his death have not been revealed, sources close to him have told the newspaper The country that “he was in good health until the end” and according to the last message from his son Hubertus Nothing predicted such a sad and imminent outcome. Prince Hubert65 years old, born the union of Princess Ira with Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langernburg, shared a message with his followers celebrating his 30th anniversary with his partner Simona Gandolfi at the Cipriani restaurant in Marbella four days before his mother died.

“Last night was our 30th anniversary, we met at the Olympic Games in Lillehammer on Valentine’s Day“, began his declaration of love to his partner for Valentine’s Day, with whom he celebrated such an important date. “TWe are lucky to share our lives together. You make my days more magical…and more delicious…if you want good food on your table, fries, a lady from Bologna… Until the end“concluded Hubertus, who just a few days later said goodbye to his mother. The princess had another son from her union with Alfonso de Hohenlohe, Christopher, who died in mysterious circumstances at the age of 49 in a Bangkok prison, where he entered due to problems with his visa. Ira de Furstemberg moved heaven and earth to help him before learning of the fatal outcome and after his death in 2006, his life was never the same.

His other son, Hubertit’s a aristocrat born in Mexico known for his many facets as businessman, photographer, singer, designer, presenter and Olympic skier. In 1994 he met to the one who is his wife today, the Italian Simona Gandolfi, during the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer (Norway), in which he participated in skiing representing his native country, Mexico. Simona is a great lover of skiing and cousin of Alberto Tomba, legendary Italian skier who won three gold medals at the Winter Olympic Games.

-Princess Ira of Fürstenberg celebrates a big birthday party at the Liria Palace

Their love story is worthy of a good movie script, since at the dawn of their courtship they went through a great crisis that led them to be separated for three years. During that time, Simona married another man and had two children, Rodolfo Rudy, born in 1997, and Rachele Raky, born in 2000. But their lives crossed again and in 2019 they got married in a castle in Vaduz, capital of Liechtenstein. The wedding, published exclusively by ¡HOLA magazine!, put the perfect finishing touch to a love story that began twenty-five years earlier, during the Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer (Norway). The groom’s mother was the main absentee at the ceremony: “We couldn’t change the date and it coincided with the presentation of her book, in London,” Hubertus said in HELLO! Simona wore an atypical wedding dress: a Chanel outfit vintage from the 80s consisting of pants and top. And the bride and groom tattooed their respective names on their index fingers: I had, of Huberton the bride’s finger, and Simo, of Simona, on the groom’s finger.

The couple lives between Bologna, where Simona owns a penthouse, Vienna, Ronda and the famous ‘prince’s house’, in Marbella, where they organize the memorable ‘Shabby Chic’ party every year. Hubertus represents the new generation of the Marbella jet-set that their parents created thanks to Marbella Clubthe place more chic and with more glamour of the summer where the most powerful and relevant people in the world wanted to stay, from Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner or Grace Kelly to Julio Iglesias, James Stewart or Sean Connery.

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