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Aris Portosalte was deeply disturbed by the SYRIZA banner for the crime of Tempe (Video) – 2024-03-01 04:49:13

Whatever they gathered over 1.000.000 signatures to its resolution Maria Karystianou for the Tempe crime.

What if the whole country was paralyzed, a year after the tragic accident and the 57 deaths, with the government constantly trying to cover it up, since parties and citizens see huge political responsibilities and demand justice.

THE Ares Portosalte – defender of the Mitsotakis government – took off his clothes for the banner posted by Mr SYRIZA at its headquarters.

He didn’t listen to what the people were saying, he obviously didn’t hear that it was included in his resolution European Parliament for State of justice in GREECE. Aris Portosalte heard nothing…

And instead of wondering if there are political responsibilities for the state of the railway network at the time when the then Minister of Transport himself was advertising it, he blames SYRIZA and its president Stefanos Kasselakis for not taking it down!

He even dared to say that the New Democracy he did not pillage the dead in the Eye… who went to elections with this…

Well, it’s a way of trying to manage and distract.

They were disturbed by popular anger and something had to be said…

After all, the same argument was used by the government representative Pavlos Marinakis, not answering the essence and pointing the arrows at SYRIZA.

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