Are you looking for financing? With Kìron, the tailored mortgage

Located at 7 Julián Besteiro Street, the Kìron office of the Tecnocasa Group has been providing its services since 2015 to offer our clients a global service that covers all their real estate and credit needs. During these years, it has facilitated more than 1,000 mortgages in Guadalajara alone, offering favorable conditions thanks to its large volume of operations.

Under Juanjo’s direction, this branch stands out as a key point for those seeking exceptional, tailor-made financial solutions. Kìron has established itself as a leader in real estate and credit intermediation in Europe, providing a guarantee of quality and experience in each transaction.

His career in the world

Kìron’s strength lies in its association with the Tecnocasa Group, which has made this brand a franchise network of credit intermediaries within the group. This strategic collaboration allows us to take advantage of Tecnocasa’s extensive network of real estate offices to provide clients with a complete service that covers all real estate and credit facets. Their reputation speaks for itself, making a difference wherever they operate.

Since its birth in 1994 in Italy and its expansion to Spain more than 25 years ago, Kiron has established more than 80 franchise offices in the country. With a solid track record of more than 25 years in Spain and more than 100,000 mortgage loans brokered, Kìron has access to all banking entities in the country.

What are you offering?

  • Mortgage search up to 100%: They offer advice to find mortgage options that cover the entire value of the property.
  • Saving time and effort: They eliminate the need to search through multiple banks, making the process easier.
  • Complete support: From search to signing, they provide assistance and guidance throughout the entire process.

If you are interested in renting, buying or selling any type of property, Tecnorete of the Tecnocasa Group is the largest real estate network in Guadalajara. By collaborating with Kìron, they guarantee safe and comfortable transactions that adjust to the financial demands of each client, providing a comprehensive and tailor-made financing plan.

You know, trust Tecnorete and Kiron from the Tecnocasa Group, which sweeps wherever it goes!

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