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Are you familiar with loans for consolidating debt?

Advantages of debt reunification loans

As we were commenting, acquiring a debt reunification loan has numerous benefits:

  • Multiple choices: Currently there are many entities that offer this product, therefore, we can compare and choose the one that best suits our needs.
  • A single interest, more savings: If we only have one interest to face, we will pay much less than if we have 3 or 4 loans.
  • Possibility of hiring it online: With new technologies we can acquire a debt reunification loan from the comfort of our home.

Tips for hiring the best debt reunification loan

When purchasing this product, a number of points must be taken into account:

  • Comparing is key. It is important to take a look at the entire financial market, in the same way as when we hire any financial product. After all, there are multiple products and each one of them with its conditions.
  • Debt reunification loans or a loan for use: we can hire a product specifically designed for this or a normal loan with a sufficient amount to allow us to pay off the rest of the debts and keep just one.
  • Know how much money we need: even if you allow us to, it is advisable not to ask for more than is strictly necessary, since we are going to have to return it. Although our economy allows it, it is better to save it for some kind of improvisation.
  • Do not set very long amortization periods: It must be borne in mind that the longer it takes to repay the money, the more interest we will pay. We must adjust the period to the maximum quota that we can afford per month.

Example of a debt reunification loan

One of the debt reunification loans that we offer at Banqmi is the Capital Loan.

Allows to request between 15,000 and 300,000 euros to be able to settle outstanding debts and reduce everything to a single installment. However, in this case it will be necessary to present a home free of charges as guarantee. This means that We will need yes or yes to have a home without a mortgage.

If we do not have it, we can provide that of a family member. Of course, in case of falling into a situation of non-payment the entity will proceed to keep the house that we have presented as guarantee.

Also, the entity accepts people who are on a list of defaulters such as ASNEF or similar.

We can return the requested amount in a period from 60 (two months) to 240 installments (8 months).

Did you find it interesting? From Banqmi We bring you the best debt reunification loans adapted to your needs. Keep reading us!

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