Driver! New rules on motorways come into force. What do we need to know before going?

We all love to drive on highways. They allow us to quickly move from point A to point B. However, in Poland, traveling by motorways is connected with traffic jams at the gates. This is expected to change soon and new regulations will come into force.

Another amenities for drivers

The Ministry of Finance and the National Tax Administration are jointly developing a new way of collecting fees. Toll gates are to be removed from highways across the country. What exactly will the new toll regulations look like and when can we expect the barriers to disappear?

The first changes will be the A2 motorways on the Konin – Stryków section and the A4 motorway from Wrocław to Sośnica. In these sections, the head of the National Revenue Administration is responsible for toll collection from 1 July this year.

Anyone who has ridden these highways at least once knows how difficult it can be to wait in traffic jams at the gates, just to download a ticket. It is true that the fee can be paid electronically, but only via viaBOX or viaAUTO devices. This, however, is to be improved.


Tadeusz Kościński, Minister of Finance for PAP: – We prepare solutions that will allow us to move away from manual toll collection and the liquidation of gates. Our goal is to collect tolls in one gate-less system. We want to fully use the potential of new technologies and create a safe and convenient system.

New regulations on toll collection – what will it look like?

The National Revenue Administration wants to make life easier for drivers by introducing new amenities, this time regarding toll collection on motorways. According to the plan, we will be able to pay for the highway without stopping the car at the toll station. Everything is to take place without additional devices, such as viaBOX or viaAUTO.

For this purpose, the tax administration wants to use a dedicated smartphone application that each of us will be able to download for free. The Electronic Toll Collection System KAS e_Toll will use geolocation data from our smartphones. It will also be possible to purchase an electronic highway ticket.

maximum speed A1 Motorway Pyrzowice Częstochowa
photo: Paweł Klarecki / GDDKiA

The Ministry of Finance and KAS want to introduce new rules on fees at the end of 2021. The first 3 months will function as a transitional period, while after this time barriers and gates will completely disappear from the highways.

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