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Arab Media Forum Showcases Innovative Culinary Concepts and Success Stories of Dubai’s “Proudly from Dubai” Initiative

In its twenty-first session, the Arab Media Forum highlights the innovative culinary concepts and creativity of the food and beverage world of some distinguished companies that were born in Dubai and fall under the umbrella of the “Proudly from Dubai” initiative, which is one of the most prominent initiatives of “Brand Dubai,” which aims to encourage entrepreneurs. Young people, giving them the necessary visibility to stimulate their success and expand their growth opportunities, and helping emerging businesses by introducing the distinctive products and services they offer and highlighting them in the media.

Nine of these restaurants and cafes in Dubai offered visitors to the largest media gathering in the region a range of delicious dishes, sweets and cups of coffee of all kinds, the first of which was a unique “robot” kiosk called “Xbot Café”. This innovative café succeeded in attracting the attention of the attendees. With a variety of offerings, including hot and iced coffee, hot chocolate, ice cream, snacks, and a variety of tea flavors. “Xbot Café” stands out as the only talking robot kiosk equipped with artificial intelligence speech recognition technology.

During the forum, Brand Dubai supports the participation of eight other commercial projects specializing in food and beverages owned by a number of young Emirati businessmen, which were born and started in Dubai, namely: the “Birch” bakery, which serves pies and pastries, and the “Odd Job” café, which serves coffee. And other delicious drinks, the “Trois” café, which offers coffee and sweets, the “Gonuts” restaurant, which specializes in donuts, the “Culinary Boutique” restaurant, which offers a wonderful selection of light food and sweets, the “Wise Guys” restaurant, which specializes in various types of sandwiches, and the “Fifth” restaurant. Flavor, which offers cuisine inspired by traditional Asian flavors with a modern twist, and Mitts and Trays Restaurant and Café, which offers fresh, healthy dishes, classic dishes with a modern twist, and a selection of sweets and pastries.

During the forum, the success stories of local entrepreneurs participating in the “Proudly from Dubai” initiative, who were able to achieve creative successes in several different fields, will be highlighted.

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