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Funding for builders and owners partially reorganized.

A property can be expensive – in terms of purchase and maintenance. There are subsidies for purchase and renovation. Energy measures were reorganized from 2021.

Builders can also take advantage of various subsidies in the new year. There is support for new construction, renovation, energy-efficient renovation or real estate purchase. “In addition to subsidies from the state development bank KfW, residents as well as country-specific and municipal subsidies come into question,” says Florian Becker, Managing Director of the Building Owner Protection Association in Berlin.

Some grants are linked to income and age limits. “If you want to build, you should inquire about your individual options in good time. Because almost all subsidies must be applied for before the work can begin.” The support takes the form of allowances and tax advantages, reduced interest rates or a grant. An overview.

Energetic promotion
The new federal subsidy for efficient buildings (BEG) has been in effect in Germany since January 1, 2021. The BEG integrates several programs of the previous sponsoring bank KfW and the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (Bafa) and thus makes the funding landscape clearer.

“In the future, homeowners can apply for financial support even if they apply for several measures,” explains Frank Hettler from the information program Future Old Buildings. “They also receive higher grants.”

Anyone interested in financial support for individual energy measures can, as before, choose between a grant and a loan with a repayment allowance. The credit option will only be available from July 1, 2021. Until then, the old KfW funding rules apply.

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Bafa grants
Owners and home buyers can apply to the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (Bafa) for funding for investments in renewable energies. In January 2021, subsidies for individual measures started by Bafa. Individual measures are those that do not achieve an overall efficiency house standard for a building. Proportional costs are funded, for example for measures on the building envelope, system technology, renewable energies for heating, connection to a renewable building or heating network and heating optimization.

Funding by KfW
KfW also promotes energetic measures. When building to a high energy standard, for example, there is a repayment subsidy that does not have to be repaid. “This is particularly interesting for the building owners because it reduces the credit volume,” said Becker. The repayment subsidy depends on the house’s energy efficiency standard. The lower the energy consumption, the higher the funding. However, various renovation measures on existing houses are also funded.

Promotion for property
KfW grants low-interest loans as part of the home ownership program as well as optional interest rate reductions. “In addition to low interest rates, KfW also offers start-up years without repayment,” says Björn Pätzold from Dr. Small mortgage lending. The range of grace-free start-up years is between one and five years. “During this time, builders and home buyers do not have to make any repayments, they just pay the loan interest.”

Age-appropriate renovation
KfW-Bank supports age-appropriate renovations and measures to protect against burglary with cheap loans and grants. This funding is not tied to the age of the applicant. Anyone who wants to make their house safer and less accessible can apply for it. “Since experience has shown that these funding pots empty very quickly, it is advisable to apply for the funds as early as possible in the year,” advises Becker.

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Promotion for families
Families can still benefit from Baukindergeld, which is also part of KfW. “If you still want to take advantage of that, you have to hurry,” stresses Becker. “Because the program ends on March 31, 2021. By then, the purchase contract and building permit must be available.”

House and apartment owners who use their property themselves can take advantage of the Riester subsidy. “All builders who are compulsorily insured in the statutory pension insurance, as well as civil servants, for example, have a right to this,” says Thomas Hentschel from the NRW consumer advice center. Riester savers can use their saved credit to discharge the property, either at the beginning as equity or during the ongoing financing.

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