For the first time, nine locations received the “Weinsüden Weinort” seal from Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg: Nine “Weinsüden Weinort” were awarded in the land of 1000 hills

Region (kn) Baden-Württemberg’s wine culture is very important within the tourist landscape. For the first time, the “Weinsüden Weinorte” seal awarded to cities and communities that can look back on a long history of viticulture and have developed a wide range of wine tourism offers over the years, according to a press release by the Kraichgau-Stromberg Tourism Association. Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg (TMBW) saw their criteria met in 53 applicants. Since this autumn, these places have formed the circle of the first winners of the new seal of approval. Nine of them are in the land of 1000 hills.

Oberderdingen and Kürnbach excellent

With the 11,000-inhabitant community of Oberderdingen a “cross-border commuter” is among the honored: The wine-growing place between Karlsruhe and Heilbronn lies exactly on the viticultural border between Baden and Württemberg. The Oberderdinger winemakers therefore cultivated vineyards in both wine regions. The Schwarzrieslingdorf Kürnbach in Baden was also awarded. “The award is recognition for the voluntary commitment and at the same time motivation to make our Schwarzrieslingdorf even better known,” says Mayor Armin Ebhard.

Other showcase locations in terms of wine tourism

Furthermore, Besigheim, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Bönnigheim and Mundelsheim in 3B-Land and Brackenheim in Zabergäu are showcase places in terms of wine tourism. If you are looking for a wine tourism experience, this is the place for you. Eric Reiter from 3B-Tourismus says: “In 3B-Land, wine feels most comfortable. We have received many wine awards in the past. The fact that four places have been awarded the new seal is both confirmation and an incentive to further develop the wine tourism offer. ”Brackenheim is the largest wine-growing community in Württemberg and at the same time the largest red wine community in Germany. It is located in the middle of Zabergäu, a region rich in vines between Stromberg and Heuchelberg. There, too, the guest can experience the subject of wine in the most varied of ways.

Lots of love and commitment

In Sachsenheim, two wine cooperatives and around 15 local self-marketers cultivate their vineyards with a lot of love and commitment. The products would be offered in wine shops, taverns, hotels and restaurants. In addition, there are various events over the course of the year, such as the Sachsenheimer Weindörfle, the day of the Hohenhaslach wineries, farm tastings and much more, where the unique wine products can be presented and tasted. According to the press release, business promoter Matthias Friedrich wants to put the topic of wine culture in the focus of city marketing even more: “The distinctive wine tourism infrastructure makes the wine landscape in Sachsenheim tangible. With the TMBW seal of approval, we want to make the city palatable to visitors and guests with special offers ”.

Wine is omnipresent

The topic of wine is omnipresent in Vaihingen an der Enz as well. With over 300 hectares of vineyards, the city is one of the largest wine-growing communities in Württemberg. Already in 1987 it had been classified by the International Organization for Vine and Wine (OIV) as the “International City of Vine and Wine”. The winemakers cultivated the entire range of Württemberg grape varieties on the mostly steep and partially terraced slopes of the Enz Valley and Stromberg. Wineries and winegrowers’ cooperatives shaped the city’s culture and self-image. “This is a complete work of many people involved,” says Vaihingen’s Mayor Gerd Maisch, “such an award strengthens awareness of the subject of wine and proves that we are on the right track.”

Products available in restaurants and shops on site

All “Weinsüden Weinorte” met the minimum requirements drawn up by TMBW and representatives of the wine industry. The municipalities and cities say that two or more wine-growing businesses are located, whose products are also available locally in restaurants and shops. A central tourist infrastructure is in place in the form of wine hiking trails or wine routes. Ostrich and broom taverns as well as regularly held wine festivals showed a lively wine culture. Last but not least, the wine towns have their own online presence, which clearly identifies their wine reference and thus draws holidaymakers’ attention to the tourist offer.

Diverse offers around the wine

In addition, the award-winning locations make their wine-related offers tangible in a variety of ways. Whoever designed their wine tourism offer in such a way that it could be booked in the form of (multi) day programs was convincing. Many places are also included in the programs of wine adventure guides or have businesses with awards such as “Weinsüden Vinothek” or “Weinsüden Hotel”.

Wine tourism is very important

The 53 award winners now moved into the focus of the product brand and would be more closely involved in future marketing activities of Tourismus GmbH Baden-Württemberg and especially in the activities of Kraichgau-Stromberg Tourismus (KST). “We are proud that nine cities and municipalities from the land of 1000 hills have received this seal,” says Christina Lennhof, Managing Director of the KST. “It shows very clearly what this region is all about and the importance of wine tourism. Many comrades-in-arms, whether wineries, wine adventure guides, associations or cooperatives – they all create a great offer that is visible and tangible in each of these places. “After the” Wine and Architecture “seal was introduced at the beginning of the year, the holiday region of Baden-Württemberg is expanding his product brand “Weinsüden” with the first honor of the wine towns once more. Overall, the seal is an excellent orientation for the guests. “Weinsüden Weinorte” guaranteed excellent wine tourism experiences and made it easier to plan excursions or trips around the topic of wine.


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