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Apple Watch Will Be able to Monitor Blood Sugar


In the future Apple Watch the next generation will have the ability to monitor blood sugar levels. This was revealed after an SEC filing report for British startup Rockley Photonics which revealed a significant relationship with Apple.

Rockley Photonics itself is a British health company that designed sensors to monitor a person’s blood using infrared light. The sensors are said to be able to monitor elements that are only possible to check through special medical equipment, including blood glucose and alcohol levels.

In an SEC filing first reported by the UK Telegraph, Rockley is preparing to go public in New York and has revealed details about his financial relationship. According to the document, Apple was identified as one of the largest customers.

Rockley claims the two largest customers in its books accounted for 100% of the company’s revenue in 2020 and 99.6% in 2019. Although it was not clear whether Apple was Rockley’s biggest customer or the second in that year.

Rockley is also said to have ongoing supply and development agreements with major companies that it anticipates will continue to rely on for a large part of its revenue.

Rockley CEO Andrew Rickman said the technology under development is likely to be in consumer products by 2022. But he declined to answer whether Apple was involved or not.

Apple has long been rumored to be working on ways to add glucose monitoring along with the rumors Apple Watch Series 7. Apple is also already working on a patent application for a component that can monitor blood sugar levels through the skin, instead of drawing blood detiKINET from Apple Insider, Monday (3/5/2021).

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