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Apple to Build or Renovate 50+ Apple Stores Worldwide by 2027: Bloomberg Report

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Apple plans to continue expanding its network of physical stores around the world. In addition, locations that are getting on in years are to be renovated and revised. All in all, more than 50 Apple Stores are to be completely rebuilt or renovated by 2027.

Apple plans to build or renovate more than 50 Apple Stores

Bloomberg reports that Apple wants to expand the number of its Apple Stores. According to this, 15 new locations are to be built in the Asia-Pacific region, five new Apple Stores in Europe and the Middle East and four new retail locations in the USA and Canada. A further 28 stores in Asia, Europe and North America will be redesigned or relocated. The planned work should be completed by 2027.

While information isn’t available on all locations, there are a few glimpses of where Apple will be getting hands on. It said that three stores in Asia Pacific are located in India, one in Malaysia, two in South Korea and another at Jing’an Temple Plaza in Shanghai. Apple is also planning to renovate its Shinsaibashi store in Osaka (Japan). In Europe, the Apple Opéra in Paris is to be modernized and new stores are to open at Battersea Power Station in London and La Vaguada in Madrid. The Munich store (Apple Rosenstraße) could also find a new home in this context.

New Apple retail locations are also planned in Miami, Detroit and Torrance (USA), while stores in New Jersey, Alabama, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia and Missouri (USA) are to be relocated.

Apple Tysons Corner has recently been completely renovated and reopened. It’s normal for Apple to consider opening additional locations while also refurbishing or relocating aging stores, depending on location. In any case, the manufacturer will again welcome millions of users to its worldwide stores in the years to come.

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