The use of ‘localized state of emergency’ occupies newspapers

Dakar, August 7 (APS) – The use of localized states of emergency mentioned by the Head of State during the assessment meeting of the response to Covid-19 and the funeral of the Caliph of Medina Baye, Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Ibrahima Niass, are the subjects highlighted in the dailies received Friday at the APS.

The Sun announces “new decisions to face the virus”.

“ The National Epidemic Management Committee issued recommendations to contain the coronavirus on Thursday during a meeting to assess the response to Covid-19, chaired by the head of state, ” writes the newspaper.

“It will mainly be a question of diagnosing the disease very early in vulnerable people, but also sick people, to deploy more advanced equipment, mainly complete and adequate resuscitation beds”, according to the daily.

Senegal recorded 177 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday, 5 additional deaths and 113 recoveries. In total, the country has 10,715 cases of covid-19 including 7,101 cured, 223 deaths and 3,390 patients under treatment.

Speaking of this meeting, Sud Quotidien reports that Macky Sall “threatens to bring back the state of emergency”. “ The head of state raised the tone during a presidential council held on Thursday in the presence of several personalities involved in the response against the new coronavirus, ” writes Sud.

“I do not rule out resorting to localized states of emergency if this situation is to continue,” said Macky Sall.

According to the daily Kritik, “Macky Sall wants to confine Dakar intramural”. ” Cut the evil at the root or circumscribe the disease at the level of the epicenter, Dakar. Senegal is not far from the radical solution of confining the capital. The head of state, in presidential council, warned of this alternative if the situation continues with the worsening of the epidemiological situation of the country, “ writes the newspaper.

The Ace displays on the front page: ” The State draws up its barriers ”. According to the newspaper, “the President of the Republic yesterday uttered threats against the populations, in particular those of the Dakar region where the pandemic is spreading dangerously (…) President Macky Sall warns that he is not ruling out to resort to localized states of emergency (….) ”.

The Observer also repeats in the front page these words of the Head of State: “I do not exclude localized states of emergency (….)”.

Source A notes that the President of the Republic “is far from being seduced by the way in which the press has relayed information related to the pandemic”.

“There is alarmist media coverage (….) There is no point in alarming and blackening the picture. The situation in Senegal is not uncomfortable compared to everything that is being done across the world, ” said the head of state in comments reported by the newspaper which wrote: “ Macky Sall is angry, everything red”.

Investigation informs that the patients are returning to the hospitals. After the psychosis of the first weeks of the pandemic, the chronically ill, with the lifting of restrictions linked to the state of emergency, returned to hospitals. But the price may be heavy for some patients, especially cancer patients, ” the newspaper writes.

The dailies return to the funeral of the Caliph of Medina Baye, Sheikh Ahmed Tidiane Ibrahima Niass.

A large crowd of dignitaries and disciples of the tidjaniya accompanied Thursday afternoon the fourth caliph of Medina Baye, Sheikh Ahmed Tidiane Ibrahima Niass, in a great religious fervor at the height of the fame of the deceased.

Thousands of Muslim worshipers from Senegal and many other countries in Africa and elsewhere, most of whom wore masks, attended his burial shortly after 5 p.m.

“Goodbye Baye”, poster in Une Tribune which emphasizes that Madina Baye “had become too small to contain the huge crowd who made the trip to accompany Serigne Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Niasse” to his last home.

Vox Populi talks about ” crowd and great fervor in Madina Baye ”. “Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Niasse buried under a strong mobilization” (South).


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