Apple risks losing the Flexgate target

Between October 2016 and February 2018, Apple sold two 13-inch Macbook Pro models that are at risk of screen problems.

The affected computers either have a backlight that has stopped working completely or where there are vertical bright areas along the entire lower edge of the screen.

The problem was caused by a flex cable that is slightly too short, which caused the scandal to be named “flexgate” in the media.

A group of dissatisfied Americans, led by Mahan Taleshpour, chose to bring a class action lawsuit against Apple and now the trial has begun.

According to Mahan Taleshpour, Apple was well aware of Flexgate, this when a long series of posts were published on the company’s support forum describing the problem. But instead of acknowledging that they sold defective computers, Apple chose to delete the posts in question, reports Macrumors.

If Apple is convicted, there could be substantial fines, especially as the company waited so long to admit that there was a problem at all.

Only in May 2019 did Apple choose to launch one service programs for the models concerned. Nowadays, it is valid for five years from the original purchase date or three years from the service program’s start date (21 May 2019), whichever is longer.

From 2018, one is used longer flex cable in Macbook Pro, so these copies should not be affected.



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