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Apple Makes iPhone More Like Android (If You Will)

Apple has launched a new iOS 16.2 beta for all testers, not just developer accounts.

The final release is expected in December

And thus revealing that they want to give iPhone 14 Pro customers more control over the always-on panel: it is now possible to disable both the wallpaper and notifications when the always-on panel is activated.

In this way, it looks more like an Android mobile.

Some thought he was “too active”

The vast majority have long since included an always-on panel, but not in the way Apple has done it with mostly just a slightly more dormant screen. Apple has received criticism from several reviewers with a for active screen, so now the company has given them an alternative as well.

As usual, Apple has also updated the other OSes with the third beta version of macOS Ventura 13.1 (with the FreeForm app), watchOS 9.2, tvOS and iPadOS 16.2.

My iCloud

Apple also overhauled iCloud.com.

Now the information is split into several fields with a background, so it looks more like a single operating system. It is also possible to shuffle the content. Also included are shortcuts for performing tasks in Apple’s apps, all in drop-down menus.

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