Apple has introduced a new iPhone and smart watch. But waiting for Tim Cook’s big project has been going on for ten years

The main topic was the introduction of the new generation of the iPhone, which bears the number 13. Like the previous generation, Apple also introduced this in the regular version and in the pro variant. Apple has improved the camera and display (both called Super Retina XDR), and the phones use the new A15 Bionic processor.

Phone prices start at $ 699 for the smallest version of the mini, while offering more storage. In the case of the highest model, Apple will also offer a capacity of 1 TB. The company also promises two and a half hours more battery life than its predecessor.

At a press conference, Tim Cook also introduced a new generation of Apple Watch smart watches, which differ from previous versions by a larger display or better protection against water and dust. However, the third generation and the SE version will remain on sale. Apple also introduced new iPads, which will get better camera optics.

Among other things, Apple also introduced the Fitness + application, with the help of which users will be able to train and compare themselves with other users. Like other Apple services, Fitness + will also operate on a monthly subscription basis.

The introduction of new products also had a Czech dimension. In one of the videos recorded on the new iPhone, Průhonice Park appeared, which played a role in a short story about a crime investigation. It was just shot on the iPhone.

The company will most likely present other innovations at another, fourth product presentation this year. Regardless, the company will continue to be talked about, but the reason will probably not be the new generations of products.

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