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Apple Addresses Radiation Concerns with iPhone 12: Software Update Rollout

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – After news of the cessation of sales of the iPhone 12 in France on September 12 2023, several countries in Europe also carried out radiation checks on smartphone this, now Apple is taking steps update software.

Reported Tech CrunchMonday (18/9/2023), Apple will address the concerns of the French radiation watchdog (ANFR) by rolling out a software update for the iPhone 12.

“We will issue a software update for users in France to accommodate the protocols used by French regulators. “We hope that the iPhone 12 will continue to be available in France,” said an Apple spokesperson.

When a phone manufacturer releases a new phone, ANFR measures several Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) in its laboratories. And ANFR reports that the radiation from Apple’s cellphone exceeds European Union regulations for SAR.

Quoted from Ars Technicathere are two SAR measurements for devices that operate in the same frequency range as the iPhone.

The ‘head and body’ value, is taken to protect the user from the effects of acute exposure to central nervous tissue when the phone is placed on the head or trouser pocket.

The European Union says that the human body should not receive more than 2W of electromagnetic radiation per kilogram for more than six minutes.

As for when the cellphone is held in the hand or in a pocket, for the “limb” value the value is 4W per kilogram of body tissue. And the iPhone 12 radiation level is said to have exceeded this threshold, reaching 5.74W per kilogram.

Some experts say the iPhone 12 is still well below smartphone radiation limits that pose some serious risks. However, Jean-Noel Barot, France’s Digital and Telecommunications Minister, said that a software update could fix the problem.

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