Apocalypse Failed Moments, Earth Almost Destroyed!


Doomsday is the most terrible specter on the minds of many people. But you know, our Earth is lucky to be able to survive from threats that can damage Earth and its life.

The following is summarized from Listversefive moments The earth is about to end. Many, many grateful for still being able to breathe today.



1. Comet almost hit Earth

August 12, 1883, a Mexican astronomer Jose Bonilla observed there are more than 400 foreign objects that are pointing to Earth. As it turned out, it was the debris of a comet measuring more than 1 billion tons that disintegrated.

The debris is even between 50 meters and 4 km in size and is predicted to be more powerful than an atomic bomb. Fortunately, it passes thinly with a distance of 600-8,000 km from Earth. Fyuh.

2. Incident B–52

In January 1961, the B-52 was carrying two Mark 39 nuclear bombs and was damaged. As a result, there was an 8 megaton payload that crashed in Goldsboro, North Carolina. At the time of the crash, the US government denied that there was any danger of detonating the two bombs.

But information released in 2013 indicated that the bombs almost posed a grave danger. Each bomb was approximately 250 times more destructive than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. If the winds blow in the right direction, the lethal radioactive fallout could reach New York.

3. Asteroid 4581

4581 Asclepius is the name given to an asteroid that came within 645,000 kilometers of Earth in March 1989. Had the asteroid hit, the explosion would have been roughly the equivalent of a 600 megaton thermonuclear explosion.

In comparison, the largest nuclear device ever actually detonated was only 50 megatons. The mushroom cloud that resulted from this explosion was seven times the height of Mount Everest.

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