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Aphex Twin will reappear live (or not) at the Field Day festival in London

Enjoying a live show by Aphex Twin has become an event, since the artist lets himself be seen with a dropper. Everything seems to indicate that on August 19, 2023 he will go back on stage.

Aphex Twin is one of the most mysterious artists in the history of electronic music, and it’s abundantly clear that good old Richard D. James loves to fuel that mystery. Cryptic messages and their rare appearance at events feed the myth…, and it seems that this strategy works like a charm for him.

Last week a mysterious website came to light with the domain 190823.co.uk, a number that is the same as the date of the Field Day festival to be held in East London’s Victoria Park. On this website there is no information that reveals its purpose, simply a blurred design of the word LONDON in which the two O’s simulate the Aphex Twin logo. There is also a space to enter your email address and a privacy policy notice that says: “I would like Waxarch Limited, as the promoter of this teaser, to email me information about this teaser and upcoming news.” Coincidentally Waxarch Limited is the parent company of Field Day.

With these data and adding that Aphex Twin had already played at the festival before, being the headliner in 2017, everything indicates that the legendary artist will be part of the poster for the 2023 edition.

A unique opportunity to enjoy this great artist live, something unusual since his last performance was almost four years ago, when he played headlining at Printworks. Until now, you can enjoy Aphex Twin’s performance at Field Day in 2017.

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