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Rare encounter goes to the heart

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Von: Lara Sabrina Kiehl

Skipper the dog has the encounter of his life on a boat tour. A humpback whale comes close to him. A video captures the moment.

Have you ever been unable to believe your own eyes? And were completely amazed by what you are seeing? Then you can certainly understand how Skipper the dog felt when he was in close proximity to a humpback whale for the first time. The unique moment was captured on camera.

Dog meets humpback whale: “It was so fantastic that it brought tears to my eyes”

Monterey Bay Whale Watch regularly organizes whale watching tours in Monterey Bay, California and shared the video of the unique moment on Facebook. The clip has already received more than 26,000 likes there and has been viewed more than 470,000 times. The video of a Golden Retriever reuniting with his mother after years is a hit on TikTok.

In it you can see how the dog Skipper, completely fascinated, watches a humpback whale, which is very close, from the boat. The whale repeatedly dives under the water and then comes up again. Skipper moves excitedly from left to right. Always to where the whale is and it seems as if the two animals are communicating with each other.

Dog meets humpback whale: Up close for the first time

Skipper’s owner is Nancy Black, captain, marine biologist and owner of Monterey Bay Whale Watch. She has been taking her dogs on boat trips for 30 years. But that the still young skipper has come so close to a whale has never happened before. “It’s very rare for whales to get that close to the boat, but it does happen occasionally,” a spokesman for the organization told the online portal Newsweek. In recent years, however, there have been more and more close encounters with the sea giants.

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It is speculated that this may be because younger whales have never experienced whaling and are less afraid of human boats than their predecessors. In 1988, humpback whales were listed as endangered, but thanks to the ban on commercial whaling of this species, their populations are slowly recovering. Humpback whales can be over 15 meters long and up to 90 years old. A dramatic story is behind a dog floating alone in the ocean.

Dog meets humpback whale: what was he thinking?

On Facebook, the clip detaches from that dog on the boat great enthusiasm. Here is a small selection of the many comments on this unforgettable encounter.

  • “What a great experience! And such a good and beautiful dog!”
  • “I would love to know what the dog was thinking 🥰.”
  • “I’m surprised the dog didn’t bark.”
  • “Wow, that was so amazing it brought tears to my eyes. 💙🐳💙.”
  • “Amazing how you can see the bubble above the dog’s head that says, what the hell is that?”
  • “Animals feel a connection to other animals.”
  • “It’s so heartbreaking, thanks for sharing 💙🐾🐾.”

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