Antonsen resigns, Jonathan Christie prays for a speedy recovery

Nusa Dua

Jonatan Christie regret the withdrawal Anders Antonsen from the quarterfinals Indonesia Open 2021. He wished Antonsen a speedy recovery from his injury.

Jonathan Christie cancels against Anders Antonsen in the quarterfinals Indonesia Open 2021, This Friday (11/26/2021). Antonsen decided to resign because of problems with his chest muscles.

The two of them had been waiting for their meeting. Previously they fought a lot in the 2020 Thomas Cup semifinals last October, through a three-game match for 100 minutes, aka 1 hour 40 minutes.

Anders Antonsen recently challenged Jonatan Christie to fight hard again on the field.

“Jonatan, if you are watching this, I challenge you to a match of 1 hour 45 minutes next time,” said Antonsen with a smile in a podcast on his Youtube channel some time ago.

Meanwhile, Jonatan has also been waiting for the match against Antonsen in the quarter-finals of the Indonesia Open and is ready to compete.

“If it’s needed (playing 100 minutes) that’s okay. But if it’s not needed, it’s actually better,” said Jojo after qualifying for the quarter-finals, Thursday (25/11) yesterday.

Now, after knowing Antonsen possible, Jonatan wish the best for the opponent. The world number eight badminton player shifted his focus to preparing for the semifinals Indonesia Open 2021, where will face the winner Sai Praneeth vs Viktor Axelsen.

“What is certain is, thank God, I was able to qualify for my first semifinal in the Indonesia Open tournament. Unfortunately, Antonsen withdrew. I hope that if there is something that makes him withdraw, I hope he will recover quickly,” said Jonatan.

“After not competing against Antonsen today, I can actually take a break to be fresher for the next match. However, I take advantage of it to keep practicing. This afternoon I will practice for about an hour or two to replace my non-match schedule .”

“I decided to train with the hope that the muscles would not sit still. I want the muscles of the body to still be able to move, so that they are always ready to compete,” added the sixth seed at the 2021 Indonesia Open.

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