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Antonio Muhammed embodies Argentine influence in Mexican football – Tomorrow’s Channel

Antonio Mohamed may not be very popular outside Latin America, but the Monterrey coach, who is aspiring to crown the Mexican Football League, is one of the most prominent names in the country that adopted his talent and cited the example of Mexican football being influenced by Argentine.

Monterrey defeated America 2-1 in the first leg of the league final, on Thursday, and a tie in the Azteca stadium would suffice to end the year by combining the domestic league titles with the North, Central American and Caribbean Champions League (CONCACAF).

The presence of Mohamed outside the stadium lines is a clear indication of the prominent role played by the arrivals from Argentina in the development of the game in Mexico.

Six of the 22 players came from Argentina in the starting lineup for Thursday’s match, and this season all 19 league clubs, with the exception of Wadi Al-Hijjar, which is known for its preference for local players throughout its history, included at least one player from Argentina.

In addition, Mexico is currently led by Argentine Gerardo Martineau.

Mexico was a kiss for South American players long ago, and Brazil players in the 1970s and 1980s migrated to them to play at higher levels and get better salaries.

The Argentine influence is not new to Mexico, but it has increased in recent years.

Mohamed is a classic example of a player who built his career in Mexico.

After drawing attention with the Argentine Argentine team as a youngster, he moved to Fiorentina, but did not leave a fingerprint in Italy and left in 1996 to move to Toros Niza, one of the humble teams in Mexico.

Mohamed, 49, retained an attractive and liked character in Mexico, played there in seven clubs and trained eight teams in them.

He told the Clarin newspaper earlier this year: “I know the nature of Mexico well. In this place I always feel like a desirable person and need to feel love and do not need to win to be loved. This generated a beautiful commitment. ”

After losing the final twice previously with Monterrey, the return match today will be an opportunity for Mohammed to establish his association with the club and the country.

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