anticovid immunization for the population aged 30 and over started at dawn

In Carazo and its municipalities, the anticovid vaccination with the first dose of AstraZeneca for the population aged 30 and over began at 3:30 in the morning on Monday 20. After six in the morning at vaccination posts such as the Hospital del Maestro, La Cachorra and Manuel de Jesús Rivera La Mascota Health Center, in Diriamba, there were no longer doses available to the population.

“There are no more vaccines here, I don’t know if there were people who were left unvaccinated, but at 5 in the morning the thousand doses from here were already exhausted”, a diriambina told LA PRENSA under anonymity for fear of reprisals, she does not want to have problems accessing the second dose of AstraZeneca and completing her immunization schedule. “In the Master’s hospital they had more doses available, but from three in the morning they say they started, right now at six I don’t think there will be because the lines were bigger there since yesterday (Sunday),” said the thirty-year-old citizen.

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To start the day with this new segment of the population, the Ministry of Health authorized 16 vaccination posts, four of them in Managua and 12 in the department of Carazo and its municipalities. People interested in receiving the injection should only present their identity card at the post corresponding to their place of origin or domicile.

From 30 years to more … and older adults?

At the El Rosario Carazo vaccination post at five in the morning the doses ran out, but the lines were extended until almost seven because the population was not aware that the vaccination began at three in the morning due to the demand for the population that began to line up from Sunday morning.

The population also denounces: «It honestly bothers me to see older adults lining up on this day because they had their turn, they were a priority as it should be and vaccination for people over 60, over 50, even those over the age of 60, was extended for a long time. 45 have already passed … but now that it is our turn to 30 I have seen several older adults pass as a priority … it cannot be that they did not take their chance and now they take away the opportunity from a young person seeing how things are (regrowth) », Claims a woman from Caracas who since yesterday camped at a vaccination post and did not reach her dose.

Those who waited 24 hours before starting the vaccination day were those who received their first anticovid dose. In the municipalities of Jinotepe, Diriamba, San Marcos, among others, citizens brought chairs to guarantee their place and even made plastic champas to protect themselves from the sun and rain.

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Unlike the capital, where vaccination is scheduled for the entire week, in Carazo and its municipalities it will only be vaccinated this Monday and later until the Minsa reschedules in that place. That could be the explanation for the despair, overflow and disorder of the population in this area of ​​the country.

Caraceños camped since Sunday at the anticovid vaccination posts set up in their municipalities. The doses were exhausted this first day before six in the morning. Photo THE PRESS

Minister: 12 thousand vaccinated in Carazo

The overflow of the Caracas population, which from the early hours of Sunday began to queue to receive the first dose of the vaccine against covid-19, forced the start of the process, so that at 8 in the morning they were already reporting 12 thousand people vaccinated in that department.

In a live broadcast from the Maestro de Diriamba hospital, in Carazo, the sanctioned health minister and now presidential adviser, Sonia Castro reported through official media that due to the massive demand of the population the process began on Sunday night with the entrance of the population to the vaccination centers; and that the application of the vaccine began in the early hours of the morning to prevent people from queuing for much of Sunday from having to keep waiting.

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“At this vaccination post we have already vaccinated more than 2,500 people at 8 in the morning and a little more than we need. At other points we have also vaccinated a significant amount, that is, Carazo at this time, 8 in the morning, has already vaccinated more than 12 thousand people, “said the official.

Rows “unnecessary”

For Castro, having started to line up on Sunday to ensure the dose of the vaccine was “unnecessary”, because the vaccination brigade was prepared to receive a large number of residents. But due to the overflow of the population, the entrance to the vaccination centers began on Sunday at 10:30 on Sunday night.

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In addition, he reiterated that you should attend the vaccination centers wearing a mask; The only requirement that is asked is to present the identity card to verify that you reside in the area and that you have the age range established for the process, that is, 30 years or more.


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