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Anti-Semitic Statements: Bhakdi, the Jews and the “arch evil”

Status: 07/14/2021 3:11 p.m.

Again and again, critics of the corona measures stand out through anti-Semitic statements or Nazi relativizations. The Bundestag candidate Bhakdi has reached a new dimension with current statements in this regard.

From Wulf Rohwedder,

The people who have fled from this country, from this country where there was arch evil (…), and have found their country, have turned their own country into something that is even worse than Germany was. (…) That’s the bad thing about Jews: They learn well. There is no people that learns better than they do. But they have now learned the evil – and implemented it. That is why Israel is now living bright – living hell.

This is what one of the best-known protagonists of the action critics said in an interview that has now been published on a website that is critical of the action: the microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi, Bundestag candidate for the party Die Basis. The video had previously been shared on other websites and Telegram channels.

Anti-Semitism has long been established in the scene

It is not the first anti-Semitic or NS-relativizing failure by well-known members of the scene. The lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, also a Bundestag candidate of the grassroots party, claimed that the measures planned by the federal government were worse than the Holocaust. Opponents of the measures equated with the Nazi victims Anne Frank and Sophie Scholl. Stefan Homburg, with Bhakdi on the board of the medical professionals critical of measures and scientists for health, freedom and democracy (MWGFD), compared the situation in Germany with that of 1933.

Escalation clearly visible

The anti-Semitism commissioner of the federal government, Felix Klein, describes the hatred of Jews as central link of the corona protests. In relation to anti-Semitism, they mostly indulged in allusions and coded language, avoiding the direct book of taboos. In the meantime, more and more protagonists seem to be doing without this dog whistling.

According to the anti-Semitism commissioner of the state government of Baden-Württemberg, Michael Blume, anti-Semitism among German conspiracy believers has long since returned to normal. Bhakdi has also been noticed in this regard, he explains tagesschau.de. Last year, for example, he had already charged a German minister from a Jewish family with the monstrous accusation of “poisoning our children with CO2”.

Blume definitely sees chances that Bhakdi’s current statements could result in criminal prosecution. This would be possible, especially since a new criminal offense for “inciting insult” has been created. “I very much hope that our judiciary can put a stop to the ongoing radicalization,” he said tagesschau.de.

Party speaks of “cheap framing”

Bhakdi’s party sees no problem in his statements. She sees the anti-Semitism allegations against her candidate as an “absurd insinuation” and “cheap framing,” she writes on Twitter:

Inquiries from tagesschau.de Neither the grassroots party nor the MWGFD have so far replied to statements and possible consequences of Bhakdi’s statements.

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