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“Do you have room for 50 more?” With this phrase, Infinity Ward (from the hand of Activision) announced the new update of season 4 loaded with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (PS4 / Xbox One / Microsoft Windows), which will now include 200 players in Warzone, their own version of pitched fighting known as Battle Royale.

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“Captain Price needs you to join the fight in Season Four Reloaded! With the Armistice alliance almost broken and the internal strife between the Allegiance and Coalition forces threatening to cause chaos throughout Verdansk, this is your emergency report! ”, begins the publication about the game shared by the blog of PlayStation Latin America.

Here are some tips that the blog of PlayStation Latin America Collected from the patch notes on the Infinity Ward developer blog so you can succeed without dying trying all available modes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, especially in the revamped Warzone with a capacity of up to 200 players.

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200 Player Warzone Tips

  • With the lobby size increased by 33%, you and your squadmates will need to keep an eye on their rear guards more than ever. Consider using High Alert to receive visual alerts when an enemy is targeting you, or use your eyes and ears to scan the environment before executing your next move.
  • Don’t bite off more than you or your squad can chew. More Operators than ever are fighting in Warzone, so don’t recklessly charge into situations where you know you’re at a disadvantage.
  • Embrace chaos. Use ongoing team fights to safely advance in hotly contested areas undetected or watch the fight and finish what other squads started.
  • This is not the only concept that changes in the game to enter Verdansk since you have to be aware of the Supply Run Contracts, which give the first team to arrive at a Buy Station discounts on their next purchase; and the Spotter Scope, a reusable high-powered device that allows you to scan forward without revealing your position.

Warzone Starter Pack

New to Warzone mode Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? If you’ve just joined the fight, you can buy the Warzone Starter Pack to get started quickly on the Cargo Plane in Verdansk. Get a boost in your XP Loads, Operator Collection, and Win Rate with this bundle that includes the following items:

  • 500 COD Points
  • Blueprint for the Legendary Shotgun – Amalgam
  • Krueger Epic Skin – Alchemist
  • Epic Calling Card – Breathing Easy // Epic Emblem – Vulture Culture
  • 1 Hour of Double Battle Pass XP // 1 Hour of Double Weapon XP

A Powerful Sniper Rifle for your Arsenal

Snipers, get to know the Rytec AMR. This .50 caliber firearm joins the other three in the Sniper Rifle category and must be unlocked through an in-game challenge. A variant of the plan is also available in the store through the ‘Lost Souls’ bundle.

Tips for the Rytec AMR

  • This semi automatic rifle is a fantastic long range tool for shooting down targets at a distance, especially in Verdansk. Use the included crosshair or use your long-range crosshair to engage enemies from more than 100 meters away.
  • Do you want to speed up the process? Equip accessories like the Tac Laser to accelerate your aim and shoot at your enemies; however, these accessories usually expose your position or damage your aiming stability and recoil control.
  • If you want to survive in Talsik Backlot, the newest map to hit this PlayStation-exclusive mode, do some parkour to jump onto a ladder outside one of the central buildings and you will have an incredible 360º view of the surrounding area on the roof of the building.

New Map and MP Mode: Cheshire Park and Team Defender

Those who have all the Modern Warfare experience have a new location known as Cheshire Park (a picturesque garden located in the city of London, England), and a new game mode called Team Defender (classic mode introduced to the franchise almost a decade ago which gives a major twist to the traditional ‘Capture the Flag’ formula, as the bearers of the banner must wait for the target for as long as possible to earn points for their squad).

New in the Store

A fresh shipment of new bundles arrives in the Store alongside this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update, including a new Operator named Roze. Also included are the ‘Rogue Operative’ bundle, which gives Syd a new look and the Legendary Assault Rifle Juliet shot; and the ‘Golden Idol’ bundle, which brings Zane, and the gold-plated plane.


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