Another 1.3 million euros –

The state of Hesse is supporting the rapid cycle connection between Frankfurt and Darmstadt with a further 1.3 million euros.

This was announced by Economics and Transport Minister Tarek Al-Wazir on Friday in Wiesbaden. Of the funding amount, 546,000 euros are intended for the section in Egelsbach and 817,600 euros for the section in Langen. The total costs of the two projects amount to around 1.8 million euros.

Four meter wide bike path

The Egelsbach section of the rapid cycle connection begins in the north of Langen, runs along the railway line and ends in a mini roundabout at the train station. The 800 meter long stretch will be expanded to four meters wide and will also have a 2.5 meter wide sidewalk. Georg-Wehsarg-Straße is being redesigned into a bicycle street.

Barrier-free walkway

The section in Langen leads along the railway tracks onto Walter-Rietig-Straße. This will be expanded as a bicycle road, the sidewalk will be widened to 2.5 meters and will be barrier-free. The street Im Wiesengrund will also be redesigned with appropriate markings, signage and red surfaces at crossings and junctions with the bicycle street.

Completion 2022

The first section of the rapid cycle connection was inaugurated in June 2019 between Egelsbach and the Darmstadt district of Wixhausen. Once all the construction work has been completed, the 35-kilometer route runs from Darmstadt via Erzhausen, Egelsbach, Langen, Dreieich, Neu-Isenburg to Frankfurt. Completion is planned for 2022



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