Anička Slováčková’s internal confession. He’s had enough

The daughter of Dáda Patrasová and Felix Slováček published her new song, where she makes it clear to all the parasitizing bad people that she has had enough of all this. Let him die messages were too much for this sensitive woman.

Growing up in an artistic family, the singer and actress graduated from the art conservatory, majoring in popular singing. Already at the age of three, she dubbed several successful Krtečka CDs with Mark Eben. As a child, she hosted the TV show KIWI Junior, and from the age of 16 she performed both in Prague musicals and as a solo singer.

You can also see and hear her in Felix Slováček’s Big Band as a solo singer. In 2015, she founded a band that now performs under her name. In February 2021, she released her debut CD called “AURA”.

The actress from The Office in the Rose Garden has had a battle with breast cancer. She also suffered from night paralysis, which is a very unpleasant condition. “Sleep paralysis, nightmares. One of the things I had to somehow learn to live with, and although it may seem like a fairly easy thing for some, it is quite exhausting. Since childhood, I had very vivid dreams, I was afraid (and frankly still am) afraid of the dark. I was afraid to sleep alone for a long time. Even now, when I don’t have my cats next to me, I’m often afraid and don’t know how to fall asleep. I’m used to waking up night after night from terrible dreams. Look into the dark. Try to breathe deeply and calm your heart rate. To erase the last echoes of dreams from half-closed eyes. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse.” she wrote to her contribution.

Unfortunately, she has a bad experience on the networks, where she is called a patronizing brat, that she is fat, disgusting and embarrassing. She decided to let everyone know that enough was enough. She put her internal confession in the new song “It’s not me”.

Anička wrote to the post:” My internal confession. A message to the people and the tabloids who are parasitizing on the misfortune of others. A message to those who are not afraid to message me, let me die. And I’ve had enough. Let’s not let others put us on their shoulders just because they need to heal their own complexes on other people’s weaknesses.

source: annajulieslovackova.czInstagram

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