Migrant From China, This Person Is Now RI’s Money King

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Migrating to China is often an expression of motivation for people who want to achieve success. In Indonesia, it turns out that there are people who migrate to Indonesia from China in order to achieve success.

Lin Xueshan is from Fujian. Usually a Chinese person, he also migrated to find a new life. After days of being tossed about by the ferocious waves of the ocean, he finally arrived in Surabaya. In this city he arranged a new life. Later he was known as Alim Husin.

Leo Suryadinata in Southeast Asian Personalities of Chinese Descent: Biographical Dictionary (2012) reveals that Alim Husin was the founder of an aluminum cookware business called UD Logam Djawa which was running in the 1960s.

Through this business, Alim Husin started manufacturing household appliances, such as stoves and buckets. Apart from that, he also opened a shop repairing water pumps and petrol lamps. In Surabaya Alim Husin married and had an eldest son named Lin Wenguang.

Lin Wenguang later became known as Alim Markus. Alim Markus was seriously taught by his father in the hope of being able to operate his business in the future. It is noted that Markus has taken foreign language courses, studied in Taiwan and studied business at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore.

These efforts paid off. In 1971, the fathers founded a business called Jin Feng, which means golden peak. Household appliance business. Muhammad Ma’ruf in 50 Great Business Ideas From Indonesia (2010) mentions that Markus is the main director. Slowly, Jin Feng turned into a Maspion.

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Maspion itself is an acronym for Invite You to Always Trust the National Processed Industry. Because of this, Markus and Maspion always raise the issue of “love domestic products”.

In Markus’ hands, Maspion has 7,000 kinds of household products. This number makes Maspion the king of household appliances. Starting from buckets, stoves, to pipes, Maspion is produced on a large scale. As a result of minimal competition, Maspion is selling well.

Maspion is not only playing domestically. This company is proof that domestic products are able to compete in the international market. Noted, its products are also marketed to the United States, Japan, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

In fact, in 1995 Maspion received a profit of US$ 100 million from the export trade and dared to establish a Canadian branch of Maspion. In 1989, Maspion also entered the banking business by establishing Maspion Bank.

Becoming the king of household appliances made Alim Markus crazy rich. He is one of the richest people in Indonesia with assets of around US$ 500 million or Rp. 7.4 Trillion.

Now Maspion Group has expanded its business into 8 main business categories: Consumer Product Services, Industrial Consumer Products, Construction and Building Materials, Hotels, Commercial Property and Industrial Property, Banking, Trade and Distribution, Infrastructure and Energy, and various other businesses.

The following are subsidiaries of Maspion Group Bank Maspion Indonesia, PT Indalex, PT Indal Aluminum Industry, PT Indal Gypsum Industry, PT Furukawa Indal Aluminum, PT Weilburger Coatings Indonesia, PT Cashew Grebe Indonesia, PT Indal Servis Sentra, PT Maspion Trading, PT Maxim Housewares Indonesia, Bumi Maspion, Citra Maspion Contractor, Maspion Kencana, Ishizuka Maspion Indonesia, Alaskair Maspion, Srithai Maspion Indonesia.

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