Angoulême 2021 – The Awards

Despite the pandemic, it was on Friday January 29 that the awards ceremony for the Angoulême International Comics Festival took place. The winners are:

  • René Goscinny Prize: Loo Hui Phang for Black out
  • Prix ​​Konishi (traduction): Miyako Slocombe
  • Prix ​​de la BD alternative: Kutikuti, The Thick book of Kuti
  • Fauve d’Angoulême, the Youth Prize 8/12 years: The club of friends of Sophie Guerrive at the 2021 editions
  • Fauve d’Angoulême, Youth Prize 12/16 years: Middlewest T.1 – Skottie Young, Jorge Corona at UrbanComics
  • Fauve Polar SNCF: Gost 111 – Mark Eacersall, Henri Scala and Marion Mousse – Glénat
  • Fauve d’Angoulême – Heritage Prize: L’Éclaireur – Lynd Ward – Monsieur Toussaint Louverture
  • France Television Audience Award: Anaïs Nin: On the Sea of ​​Lies – Léonie Bischoff – Casterman
  • Fauve d’Angoulême – High school student prize: Man’s skin by Hubert and Zanzim – Glénat
  • Fauve d’Angoulême – Revelation prize: Tanz! by Maurane Mazars – Le Lombard
  • Fauve d’Angoulême – Audacity Prize: La Mécanique du sage by Gabrielle Piquet – Atrabile
  • Fauve d’Angoulême – Series Prize: Paul – Michel Rabagliati – La Watermelon
  • Fauve d’Or – Best Award: The Hunting Accident – Landis Blair and David L. Carlson – Sonatine
  • Fauve d’Angoulême – Special Jury Prize: Dragman by Steven Appleby – Denoël Graphic




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