Anglet Mayor Clarifies Misconceptions on New Real Estate Project and Social Housing

Anglet Mayor Clarifies Misconceptions on New Real Estate Project and Social Housing

“I have a little misunderstanding”, reacted Claude Olive, Tuesday September 19. While a collective of local residents expressed their opposition to the new real estate project which will replace the old municipal technical center, requiring the modification of the local urban planning plan (PLU), the mayor of Anglet did not wish to express before the end of the public inquiry. It ended Monday evening. The councilor therefore explained his point of view at the microphone of France Bleu Pays Basque.

France Bleu Pays Basque: First of all, have you already received the first lessons from this public inquiry which was to collect the opinions and proposals of the Angloyes?

Claude Olive : No. I have no lessons from the public inquiry since the commissioner finished his work yesterday (Monday September 18). We need an analysis and he will give us his report in the coming days.

What is your feeling regarding the protest by certain local residents over this real estate project on rue des 4 Cantons?

I’m quite surprised, or at least I’m a little confused. We are there on a wasteland, two hectares totally artificialized, not a green space, nothing. Sheds, asbestos, tar, in short, two hectares in the heart of a district of Anglet. (…) And so the idea was to seize these two hectares in order to provide a project that will help us finance the new technical center. I am always careful with public funds. And we don’t cover the operation, we have a deficit of 4 million. Even by selling the land with the operation that we are going to carry out on it.

One of the criticisms made by certain local residents in this real estate project, there is not enough social housing and that the majority of future apartments will be intended for a wealthy clientele, who do not live in Anglet. A policy that could contribute to real estate speculation.

This is not true. The same people who tell you that blame me for not selling the land for enough. I saw their appeal. They criticize me for not selling the land for enough and they come to talk to me about speculation. We do 50-50: 52% free and 48% social and controlled. We respond to the PLH (local housing program voted by the Basque Country agglomeration). We respond to the law. I want proof of this: out of two hectares, we are going to come and renature one.

Are the buildings going to be three stories tall?

It will be R+2 with attics in the attic. And it’s more in the heart of the block. And we tried to work with each other in a way that did not interfere. I even visited people who today are in the association that contradicts the project. (…) Because with the PLH, in Anglet, we are obliged to produce 350 housing units per year, all combined. And in these 350 housing units per year that we must produce, there must be 40% social housing. I am responding to the PLH, on the 60 housing units per hectare and on the production of social housing. We can do all the trials we want. Afterwards, we can wonder. We want to house people and we don’t want to eat up land. That’s what we do there. We don’t eat up land, we come to invest in wasteland. As proof, we are going to receive funds from the State. It’s a bit of my misunderstanding. I wonder: at some point, should we say “we have to house people, but not near my house!” Maybe that’s the idea too.

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