Angelina Jolie’s Surprising Decision: Retiring from Hollywood?

“Today I don’t feel like being an actress anymore,” Angelina Jolie admitted in a recent interview with the WSJ (Wall Street Journal). and created quite a surprise for the fans. Until it was also speculated that Is this a sign of this star actor’s plans to retire from Hollywood?

For Angelina herself She never expected that being a Hollywood star would require her to reveal her private life so publicly. Especially when she separated and filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, which caused even more tension. And it was evident in her performance in the sequel Maleficent: Mistress of Evil that viewers and her fans clearly noticed. In which she further gave an interview that “Of all the places in the world Hollywood is not a healthy place. Both physically and mentally So we had to find the right place for us.” That was one of the reasons why Angelina wanted to move to Cambodia with her children. of her more than before

Angelina also spoke about the physical illness she faced during the divorce. which is full of gossip in the Hollywood industry as well. “My body responded to stress really hard. Blood sugar fluctuates suddenly. Later, I found myself dealing with crooked facial syndrome for six months before I filed for divorce.” That made Angelina not like having a social life in Hollywood. How much is Lywood? Because wherever you go you will always receive unwanted attention. especially from tabloid media So much so that she plans to move out of Los Angeles permanently.

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