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Andrei Makarevich’s wife told how she evacuated her parents from Kyiv

Andrey Makarevich’s wife Einat Klein is from Kyiv. She had to urgently evacuate her parents from the capital of Ukraine after a shell flew into a neighboring house

Andrei Makarevich’s wife evacuated parents from Kyiv to Israel / Photo: Instagram

Einat Klein and Andrei Makarevich, who will soon become parents now live in Israel. As the musician’s wife admitted, her parents only visited them a week ago.

My parents, like Andrei, were sure that this could not be. The situation is really some kind of phantasmagoric. Nobody could have foreseen it. Therefore, they drove later, when there were already hostilities in Kyiv. …With the help of Jewish and Israeli rescue missions and organizations that helped us a lot,” Einat said in an interview. program “Breakfast.Online”

Makarevich and Klein are married in 2019.

Makarevich and Klein are married in 2019. / Photo: _einatklein_

Einat’s parents had to cross three borders to get to their daughter.

All this was nervous and disturbing, because the mechanism of all these actions was still unknown and there were risks. You always ask yourself the question: am I doing the right thing.

Recall that Andrei Makarevich actively opposes Russian aggression. The artist is one of the few Russian stars who is not afraid to say that Putin attacked Ukraine.

Earlier Andrei Makarevich explained to the Russians, why Ukrainians should not talk about “fraternal peoples”

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