Andrea Bocelli presented a concert from the Milan Cathedral

In what he has cataloged as a sung “prayer”, the tenor Andrea Bocelli He communicated with the world through a concert of sacred music that he broadcast today at 1:00 p.m. (Puerto Rico time) on the YouTube platform.

Relive the LIVE:

The famous singer will be recorded while offering his recital “Music for Hope” from the emblematic Cathedral of Milan, which like so many other spaces dedicated to the Catholic tradition, today remain empty due to the social isolation established to stop the pandemic of COVID-19 that lashes the world.

“I received this invitation from the Mayor of Milan and the church authorities and of course I said yes. I am very happy to do this, ”he said. “Also, it is not a performance. It is not a concert. It’s just a prayer.I’m going to go there to pray, and I would like to think that everyone who is listening to me sing can pray with me ”, The tenor stated in a recent interview.

Bocelli is accompanied by the pianist Emanuele Vianelli.

In addition to this presentation, which pretends to be a balm on Easter Day, the singer’s charitable foundation is raising funds for the Camerino Covid Hospital, specialized in treating patients affected by the virus. So far, the amount raised reaches 100,000 euros (around $ 109,350).



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