Andrea Abodi Discusses Infrastructure Challenges for 2032 European Football Championships at RCS Sport Industry Talk

Andrea Abodi, Minister of Sport, spoke from the stage of the RCS Sport Industry Talk, currently taking place in Milan. Among the topics, the infrastructure challenges for the 2032 European Football Championships: “What is missing is the ability to transform needs into projects that are realized. Milan-Cortina had a slow pace, more amateur than Olympic and Paralympic. For Europeans are pleased to note that the projects in Florence, Bologna, Cagliari and Parma are taking off: the one in Bergamo is progressing, the project in Verona will be developed. The government will do its part, not so much on an economic level given that we are talking about private management, but speed in projects.

Let’s be clear: there will be Rome, Milan and Turin. For the European Championships we will have to choose one between Udine, Bologna, Florence, Verona and Genoa and one between Naples, Palermo, Bari and Cagliari. It won’t be easy, but I hope we can simplify. I talked about commissionership, but this is not the point: the necessary capital is that of willpower.”

Gravina works on football reform.
“I hope that the sense of responsibility will prevail, there is a need for the system to be lightened. It is unthinkable that the A championship is at 20, that of B at 20 and that of C at 60. But it is not just a question of numbers: there are companies that do not pay and remain in the category, companies that pay and risk going down. Football is also useful for mutuality, it is a significant contributor in terms of taxation, which allows the State to reinvest. It is an objective like making the machine work, and the issue of infrastructure is central. The time has come to improve the rules, make them more effective. Everyone must do their part.”

2023-11-28 09:10:58
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