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And how it went on … we’ll find out in Sex and the City this week – Žena.cz

“Carrie, have you ever done this in public?” asks the main heroine of Sex in the City, the presenter during a radio interview: “Sure, in the Barneys, before they shut up,” says the one who knows a lot about sex and is not afraid to ask.

It is clear from the new trailer that the three New York girlfriends will once again deal with sex, friendship, love and, for example, dating applications. They’ll have to deal with everything without a fourth girlfriend, Samantha. Kim Cattrall, who made the series a first-rate star, refused to shoot. After speculation about quarrels, Sarah Jessica Parker said, “I’ve decided to simply end one chapter in my life and open a new one.”

The first two of the ten episodes of “And How It Was…” will be released by HBO on Thursday, December 9th. The streaming service will then publish the new episodes the following Thursdays.

The new chapter follows up on the successful HBO series Sex in the City from the workshop of producer Michael Patrick King. The cult series about the charming journalist and her three girlfriends became a worldwide hit during six seasons from 1998 to 2004 and won a number of awards, including seven prestigious Emmy Awards and eight Golden Globes.

The series was praised for its open discussion about female sexuality and the power of friendship and the breaking down of stereotypes. However, he received criticism for the lack of diversity, the superficiality of luxury shopping and the frivolous conception of some serious topics.

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