And Faye Dunaway is also 80 years old

Faye Dunaway, actress, was born in Florida on January 14, 80 years ago. She began to be an actress already in the early sixties, on Broadway, after growing up here and there between Europe and the United States to follow her military father and after studying acting in Boston and New York. It was immediately very difficult not to notice that, in addition to talent, he also had a rare beauty and an out of the ordinary face, with that cut of his eyes and that his nose. And it was immediately clear to her too that her first name – Dorothy – was a bit too Hollywood of the 1930s, and that it was just a hindrance to the musicality of the sounds created by her middle name and surname: Faye Dunaway, in fact. . A name so perfect it seems made up.

His film debut was in And the night came, but the film that turned his career – released a few months after the first – was without a doubt Gangster Story, where she was Bonnie Parker and Warren Beatty was Clyde Barrow and together they robbed banks.

It was a great role in a great movie and, like he would have told she a few decades later, she was the character she felt closest to.

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After – in less than ten years – they arrived in order The Thomas Crown Case, Amanti, by Vittorio De Sica (on whose set he met Marcello Mastroianni, with whom he had a relationship), The Little Big Man, Chinatown, Three Days of the Condor e Fifth Estate. And after still films that are a little less memorable but sometimes still appreciated: how Gia, with a young Angelina Jolie, or like The arrowfish waltz, by Emir Kusturica. He also showed up more than once in Italy, acting for Carlo Vanzina and Lina Wertmüller in The match e On a moonlit night. It was also Isabella of Castile in Christopher Columbus by Alberto Lattuada.

His biography, published in the late nineties, is entitled Looking for Gatsby and actually tried to play Daisy in the 1974 film He great gatsby, but they preferred Mia Farrow.

Despite being mentioned together with Dustin Hoffman and Al Pacino in the song “Al cinema” by Lucio Battisti, she has never acted in a film with the two of them.

And the Oscar mess he starred in a few years ago, it wasn’t his fault.

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