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ANC offers new true wireless headphones

At the beginning of April there was already a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Information leaked. Specifically, it was a new design that you could see in pictures. Now were potential successor to the Galaxy Buds + listed at the U.S. Patent Office. Accordingly, the next generation of true wireless headphones could be launched as the Galaxy Buds X.

Perhaps the new model should also coexist with the Galaxy Buds +, because the latter have not been on the market for so long. Let’s wait and see. The price could, however, be identical to the Galaxy Buds +, so that a quick replacement could occur. The new Galaxy Buds X should also offer ANC, i.e. active noise cancellation. At the moment this is also very difficult for in-ear headphones – see for example the Honor Magic Earbuds.

Now of course it’s time to wait. Samsung has not yet officially commented on the Galaxy Buds X. You certainly don’t want to take the wind out of the sails too much because of the Galaxy Buds +.

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