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Analysts Predict iPhone 16: No Fundamental Change, But a Successful Year for Apple

  • Analysts from Barclays published a prediction for Apple for this year
  • According to them, iPhone 16 will not bring a fundamental change
  • Still, it should be a very successful year for Apple

The iPhone with the serial number 15 has been on the market for some time, and the eyes of leakers and analysts naturally turn to its successor, which we will see this year. Although we don’t know too much about the iPhone 16, analysts from Barclays gathered information from their sources and did not hesitate to boast about the prediction of what the upcoming new product from Apple will look like. Anyone expecting some revolutionary new product that the giant from Cupertino will pull out of their sleeve will most likely be disappointed – Barclays is keeping its expectations low.

iPhone 16 will most likely not change the rules of the game

In a report, Barclays says its research shows smaller iPhone volumes and assortments, as well as a lack of gateway traction in Macs, iPads and wearables. With this in mind, Barclays slightly lowers the target price for Apple shares from $161 (approx. CZK 3,620) per share to $160 (approx. CZK 3,600) per share. The company expects continued iPhone weakness until the launch of the iPhone 16, while their outlook remains negative on volumes and mix for the iPhone 15. It also anticipates a slowdown in services growth and an increase in regulatory risks.

On the iPhone specifically, Barclays says its supply chain research has seen recent cutbacks, weak sales and a shift to entry-level models instead of the more expensive Pro versions. Analysts also don’t think the iPhone 16 will change the situation and will rather offer very little functional/equipment difference to the iPhone 15.

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While this prediction may seem overly negative, in layman’s terms Apple will face the same problems that most large companies face. At a time when the company holds a stable share in a market sector in which radical changes are not expected, it is quite difficult to come up with a strategy that would start a rocket growth. Even with regard to the correction of the target price of Apple shares by only one dollar, it can be assumed that this year will be very successful for the giant from Cupertino again.

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