Analog vs. Smartwatches: A Closer Look at Celebrities’ Timepiece Preferences

Analog vs. Smartwatches: A Closer Look at Celebrities’ Timepiece Preferences

When we see celebrities walk the red carpet, the first thing we notice is the clothes or the bag they are wearing. However, the garment with the most value almost always they wear it on their wrist. The watch is an accessory capable of raising the value of a look, both for its price and for the nuances it adds, because it is synonymous with elegance and refinement. For this reason, celebrities like Georgina Rodríguez or Meghan Markle do not leave the house without their watches. But…Which ones do you prefer: analog or smartwatches??

Meghan Markle does not take off her Cartier watch

Meghan Markle is faithful to the gold Tank de Cartier watch (Photo: Gtres and

Since Meghan Markle heading to Los Angeles, there are few occasions in which we have seen her attend a public event without her watch. The Duchess of Sussex loves the Tank de Cartier model, one of the most iconic watches that also made his mother-in-law fall in love with him, Princess Diana.

This watch owes its name to the British military tanks of the Battle of the Somme in 1916. Its shape simulates a tank from a bird’s eye view: the two vertical gills that run along the sides of the rectangular watch face emulate treads, and the sphere represents the cockpit.

It first went on sale in 1919 and today it is one of the most iconic models of the brand and the market. Although it has modified its design over the years, it maintains its characteristic rectangular shape and small size. It is available with both metal, gold, and leather straps and Prices can vary from 4,000 euros to 40,000.

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Georgina Rodríguez has more than ten luxury watches

Georgina Rodríguez’s jewelry box has some of the most exclusive watches (Photos: @georginagio Instagram)

Among the celebrities who are passionate about watches, we highlight Georgina Rodriguez. Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend can boast of having an extensive collection in which almost no luxury brand is missing.

One of its latest acquisitions has been the model Brilliant Skeleton Northern Lights de JACOB & CO, the same one that Rihanna wore during her performance at the Super Bowl. A watch that is characterized by having a 44 mm red case, with the machinery visible, which is surrounded by 251 round-cut pavé diamonds. Added to this is a crown set with 30 more white diamonds.

Next to this, Georgina has in her jewelry box two Rolex Lady-Datejust valued at 550,000 euros. But also a Spirit Of Big Bang King Gold Rainbow de Hublot 96,800 euros; a Cartier 38,700 euros; and rose gold Patek Philippe o one Day‑Date36 de Rolex.

Rania from Jordan prefers smartwatches

Rania from Jordan prefers digital watches like the Apple Watch (Photos: Gtres and

Both Georgina and Meghan Markle prefer more classic watches, however, there are also celebrities who have decided to go for the smartwatches.

Rania of Jordan She is one of the few royals that we always see wearing smart watches. In her day-to-day public commitments it is very common to see her looking su Apple Watch to which the color of the strap changes from time to time, to adapt it to its outfits.

In this case, it is a smartwatch with a square screen that is far removed in design from the classic wrist watches. However, more and more firms They are committed to imitating the aesthetics of traditional watchesbut adding the functions of smartwatches.

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The Huawei Watch GT 4 has a classic design that brings it closer to traditional watches (Photos: Huawei)

This is the case of Huawei, which with its Watch GT 4 has taken a step forward in the GT Series, betting on classic fashion. It has a sphere-shaped case and a total of seven different straps, which include both steel and leather in different colors. Additionally, the digital display Features up to 25,000 watch faces in order to experiment with different design genres, including the most classic analog watches.

Of course, being a smartwatch it has multiple functions that help us improve in our daily lives. It has fitness functions that record sports activity and, as a novelty, the application Stay Fit, which helps control the calories we eat. It also has health functions such as heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and the main novelty, control of the menstrual cycle. Definitely, a smartwatch with a design reminiscent of traditional watches.

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