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An exhibition in New York for Andrée-Anne Laberge

We can say that Andrée-Anne Laberge always has the sacred fire for art. Moreover, one of his sculptures, representing a house that caught fire, will be on display from July 13 to 31 at the Atlantic Gallery in New York as part of the exhibition entitled (re) Building.

When the Victoriaville artist saw the call for applications for this polish exhibition, she was interested and wanted to create a work for the occasion. This was accepted by a jury. “The theme of reconstruction also spoke to me,” she said in a telephone interview.

The work to be exhibited is called “Entropy” and is a miniature work made of cardboard, wood, polish (the medium for which we have known it for several years), moss, branches and metal threads. . A very organic sculpture that represents well at what level the artist has evolved, she who will finish in September (if all goes well) a master’s degree in visual arts (with thesis) at Laval University. “I use natural materials as much as possible,” she insists. Moreover, the polish is made from beeswax.

The artist is also very attracted by the miniature, as much for ecological conscience (by using a small quantity of materials) as for the aspect of the space occupied by the works of smaller format. “I have been fascinated by the miniature since I was little,” she says. But that does not mean that it has abandoned large formats forever. “I listen to what I want to do,” she sums up.

Andrée-Anne explained that for the realization of the work, she had really created a house structure that she subsequently burned. During the burn she made a video and after extinguishing the fire she reworked the sculpture. “So, she really has lived,” she says.

Andrée-Anne has been working on the theme of fire, the burning house for about four years. A strong symbol that everyone interprets in their own way. “There is the notion of disaster in the fire, but there is also always hope,” she says.

This is the second time that the artist has had the opportunity to exhibit in the United States. Unfortunately, she will not be able to travel to see the exhibition which presents one of her pieces, travel being still difficult due to the pandemic.

In addition to this exhibition, we will be able to see the work of Andrée-Anne (three house sculptures) during the exhibition entitled “Fresh painting and new construction” which takes place from July 17 to August 28 at the Art Mûr gallery in Montreal. A collective exhibition, where emerging talents from universities are presented.

In another area, people can see an illustration by the artist from the Grange Pardue side. Indeed, it is she who created the image that we find on the beer “La flambée des Appalaches”. Once again, fire and flames are in the spotlight.

As part of her master’s degree, Andrée-Anne naturally works with miniatures, but also with life-size. Indeed, her project involves a real house, but she doesn’t want to talk too much about it yet. At the end of her school career, she will offer an exhibition, where we can see all that she has achieved over the past two and a half years.

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