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Amazon will hire 100,000 people in the US for increased purchases by COVID-19

Amazon will hire 100,000 workers in the United States to respond to the sharp increase in online purchases that the COVID-19 outbreak is generating and will also increase the salaries of warehouse and distribution personnel.

Amazon said Monday that the new workers will be assigned to its warehouses, distribution centers and home delivery of purchases.

In addition, the e-commerce giant will increase the wages of warehouse and distribution employees by two dollars an hour in the United States, two euros an hour in Europe and two pounds an hour in the United Kingdom.

In the United States, Amazon pays a minimum of $ 15 an hour for these workers.

The company anticipates that the wage increase will cost him 350 million dollars in the United States, Canada and Europe until April.

The company has acknowledged that it is suffering delays in the shipment of products due to the high demand in recent days caused by the crowds in physical stores, the recommendations of the authorities to limit the exits to the street and the cost of the products.

Amazon has also suffered from supply problems for some products in higher demand.

But Amazon said it will not only hire 100,000 new workers because of the increased demand, but also to help people from other sectors who have lost their jobs due to the crisis caused by COVD-19.

“We also know that many people have been economically impacted as jobs in areas like hospitality, catering and travel have been lost as a result of this crisis,” said Dave Clark, Amazon vice president of Worldwide Operations, in a statement.

“We want those people to know that we welcome them to our teams until things are back to normal and their previous employer is able to welcome them back,” added Clark.

People who want to apply for a job at Amazon can do so through the Internet address www.amazon.com/jobsnow.

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