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Amazon Prime Video to Integrate Advertising into Programs Starting April 9, 2024: Subscribers Must Pay €1.99 Extra Monthly

Amazon’s streaming and VOD platform, Prime Video, will integrate advertisements into its programs from April 9, 2024.

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To watch Prime Video without advertising, you will have to pay €1.99 more per month. © AdriaVidal – stock.adobe.com

Netflix, Disney+ and now Prime Video: the three major streaming and VOD platforms have approved the arrival of advertising within their programs. The Amazon service has in fact announced the integration of advertising from April 9, 2024. You will have to pay €1.99 more per month to avoid it.

Prime Video will automatically integrate advertising into its programs on April 9, 2024

The announcement was expected, it is now official. Like its competitors, Netflix and Disney+, Prime Video, Amazon’s video-on-demand platform, will soon integrate advertising into its programs. If some were already exposed to advertising, such as live sport or complementary channels, others, such as films and series, will be affected by a ” limited quantity “ of advertising, explains Prime Video in an email sent to its subscribers. The group also assures that it will broadcast “significantly fewer advertisements than traditional linear television and other streaming TV providers”.

Amazon explains this decision by investment needs. “This will allow us to continue to invest in attractive content and increase our investments over the long term, in order to maintain the quality and quantity of content on Prime Videocan we read in a blog post. The arrival of advertising on the platform will be effective on April 9, 2024.

What changes for Prime Video subscribers?

Advertising will be automatically integrated into Prime Video. This means that people with a subscription will see advertising spots appear during films and series, without the subscription price falling. To avoid advertising, you will therefore have to pay more for your subscription, namely an additional €1.99 per month. Users who do not wish to see advertising or pay more will be able to unsubscribe from the platform free of charge. Note that Luxembourg and Belgium, partly French-speaking, are not yet subject to this change.

Prime Video thus aligns itself with its competitors, Netflix and Disney+, which have both integrated advertising into their platform. Amazon nevertheless decided to proceed differently with this automatic integration, when Netflix revised its subscription offers to offer them with or without advertising, a method also chosen by Disney+.

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