Amandine Pellissard (“Large families, life in XXL”) appears in a very daring swimsuit!

As temperatures rise across France, Amandine Pelissard, from the show “Large families, life in XXL”, decided to make them climb a little more this Friday, May 20. On Instagram, she posted a photo of herself, “a taste of summer” as she says, where we see her basking in the pill in a daring swimsuit that suits her so well, the glasses sun on the tip of the nose. “Very pretty”, “sublime”, “yes beautiful”in the comments, everyone agrees: she is on top!

A post in the tone of lightness, after that of this afternoon in which she denounced the homophobic remarks of Raymond in “TPMP”. As a reminder, on May 19, the columnist made these comments:In 1980, you had to hide. In 1970, you had to hide. Stop fooling around! In 80-90, things change. In 2000…”, he started. Before getting carried away: “In the eyes of some people, you are not normal! (…) There are people who don’t like PD!”. This was following the scandal around Idrissa Gueye, midfielder of PSG, who refused on May 14 to wear a flocked jersey in the rainbow colors of the LGBTQ+ flag as part of an action aimed at fight against homophobia. Something to outrage everyone, Amandine the first. The mother of a large family therefore shared this scene on her Instagram account, accompanied by this caption: “I am outraged by Raymond’s remarks. It would be wise to open a dictionary, because daring to use the term PD is just inadmissible”.

Laure Bertrand

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