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The draw for the French Cup to live on Sunday evening.

The French Cup continues this weekend with the program of the 16th finals and Ligue 1 clubs who want to avoid the worst. From Sunday, place in the draw for the 8th finals.

Take advantage of every moment this weekend because it is the last before the final for the French Cup. The next rounds will take place during the week starting in the 8th finals at the end of January. The “Old Lady” has been making us dream this season since the first laps and the exploits of amateurs against the pros will be legion again this weekend.

The 8th finals of the French Cup in ten days

The draw for the 8th final of the French Cup will take place at the end of the match between Lorient and PSG Sunday evening to allow qualified clubs to prepare for the next. Indeed, the next deadlines are scheduled for Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 January to compete for the 8th.

You can follow live the draw for the 8th of the French Cup on Sunday evening on Foot National.

A draw after a match

Generally placed before a meeting or a few days later, the draw for the French Cup evolves since it will be carried out after the match Lorient – PSG. Suffice to say that it will be necessary to plan to go to bed late Sunday evening if there are extensions and shots on goal. It will always be a draw between the sixteen qualified.

See you Sunday evening on Foot National

The draw for the 8th finals of the French Cup will take place Sunday evening after the meeting between Lorient and PSG (9:05 p.m.). The start of the draw is scheduled around 11:00 p.m. if the match ends in regular time. It will take place at the Lorient Moustoir stadium.

You can follow the matches of the 16th on our direct French Cup.

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