All Linux players blocked due to Wine and DXVK

Battlefield V is a very popular game from Electronic Arts, So popular that many too Linux– Users like to play the game on their computers. Unfortunately, the game maker Electronic Arts is now consistently locking out Linux gamers. Linux users running Battlefield V using Wine and DXVK will be excluded from Battlefield V forever. Your accounts remain blocked forever.

EA prohibits wine and DXVK use on Battlefield V

Electronic Arts Official Answer

More and more Battlefield V players to report about being banned. Apparently only Linux users are affected. More specifically: Who wants to play the popular Battlefield V under Linux needs Wine and the translation layer DXVKto gamble the game at all can, Even an inquiry to EA could not help the players affected by the ban. In this case, the publisher confirmed the correctness of his approach and thus took away any hope from the players concerned that their accounts would ever be released again.


DXVK warns its users are aware that something like this could happen. But it is really a shame that EA is now consistently implementing this. The free choice of the platform to be used is extremely restricted.

“We paid a lot of money for the game, we don’t cheat!”

Games like Battlefield V are not cheap. Gamers sometimes invest a lot of money to be able to play. The fact that game developers and publishers like EA are now restricting their users so severely cannot be a very wise decision, at least in the long run. The online magazine Bleepingcomputer comes to the same conclusion in its article:

Ultimately, these users didn’t try to cheat. They simply played Battlefield V in a game environment of their choice with their paid license for the game.

It is a shortsighted decision of any game developer to deprive users of their gaming environment, especially as more and more people switch to Linux desktop environments.“(Bleepingcomputer)

WINE Linux Penguin

In any case, we are very excited to see whether Electronic Arts really wants to stick to the decision. A corresponding request from Bleepingcomputer to the company remained unanswered until the publication of this article.

Post Image: Sean Do., thx! (Unsplash license)

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