Alert! Recognize Singapore Flu Symptoms in Children, Can Cause Death

JAKARTA, – Singapore flu is a disease that is currently affecting some children’s health. Especially children aged 5-16 years. Even the disease can cause death, due to lack of vigilance of the parents. Recognize and be aware of the danger signs of the Singapore Flu is very important for parents, before it’s too late.

The flu, which was discovered in 1957 in Toronto, Canada, turned out to have symptoms that could endanger the child’s life. Parents must recognize and be aware of these symptoms for the sake of their children’s health.

“In general, the cases are mild, so most children can recover on their own without treatment and certain drugs, so usually if they have a fever they are only given fever medicine. If thrush is given thrush medicine,” he said Doctor Nina Dwi Putri which is Pediatrician Consultant Infection on Live Instagram, Thursday (26/5/2022).

“But in mild conditions but there are danger signs, usually the signs are, the child has a high fever continuously, the fever is up to 39 and above. Because in general, patients with HFMD or Singapore flu should not have a high fever,” he said again.

“But if the fever is high there are blisters on the skin, you have to be careful. Be alert, because it’s one of the danger signs, you need to see a doctor,” he said.

However, there are still signs that parents must watch out for when their child already has early symptoms of the Singapore Flu. Although cases of Singapore Flu with severe symptoms are very rare. It would be nice for parents to recognize in order to prevent the severity of it further.

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These symptoms can also make complications severe. Such as heart infections, lung infections, brain infections, and more severe causes sudden death.

“Continuous high fever, the child does not want to eat or drink, the child is weak, sleepy more, until there is a seizure, that is one of the danger signs,” said Nina.

Editor : Hadith Abdillah

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